About Me

I grew up on a dairy farm near a small town in northeast Nebraska before moving to the Lincoln area where I attended college, majoring in Information Systems Management. I am now enjoying a rewarding career in the information technology field. As I continue to gain valuable work experience I plan to pursue a masters degree in technology education and training or management.


I enjoy exploring new technologies and helping others realize what technology has to offer them. I also enjoy travel, fine dining, photography, films, and the great outdoors. I am always up for a road trip, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, or hunting. I also enjoy mountain biking, golfing, swimming, bowling, and billiards. Music is another hobby of mine, although these days I do more listening than performing outside of the occasional night of karaoke.

Faith, Family, and Friends

God has blessed me with many friends and a close family, especially my wonderful daughter, with whom I enjoy spending a great deal of time. My ancestors were mainly of German heritage. My mother's family, Germans from Russia, traveled to the United States through Ellis Island. Some of my father's family also came to the United States from Germany, and others from Denmark, with roots leading back to early colonial United States.